Even now, months after I started to write bits-and-pieces of my own personal story beginning in July of 2018, events leading to my current situation, and writing about how I got to be the person who I have become,  I have never been able to fully recreate the story from my memories, nor from my written documentation. Since around 1991, and later, I have tried to recount and record the specific recovery events that happened. I have endured and struggled to get through those events every day since that event occurred in 1983. That has been truly difficult. My records


– I moved to Cleveland in or around 1989 for a job as a Motor Control Systems tester. My employer was Reliance Electric. That happened because I was unable to perform my working duties at Canton Timken as an Electrician Apprentice. For about one-full-year, I worked at the Timken Gambrinus Roller Bearing plant. I was around thirty-years-old, still young and not too long out of college. My resume was particularly excellent because of my four-year stint in the US Air Force – from 1977 until December of 1981. Then, I started college the very next semester, just weeks later in January of


I hope I can revise and use this new format effectively with my blog site. I have so much to tell about concerning all the events that have happened since I was the passenger in a single car crash, late in January of 1983 – when I was still attending the Tuscarawas County campus of Kent State University, in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Stpoon after I stopped my Four Year tour-of-duty as a US Airman. My personal journal did not begin until 1991. It started slowly. I was silent until 1994. Then, I began to post regularly, beginning in 1996. When


[Monday, 06 August 2018](19:30) I found some Adobe files with information concerning my Benign Essential Blepharospasms, as they were starting to occur in 1990 and 1991. I will use that file to tell how my eyelid spasms began. Those stopped me from working, as well as limiting my inability to make good decisions coherently. This is way before the several surgeries on my eyes which helped me some, including a brain nerve decompression surgery. That is a lot of information. I do not believe I will be able to display all that information. Not today, and maybe not ever. But,


This is my initial offering to the gods of nowhere, watching me struggle when I try to tackle the writing events that express my labor and my fortitude of disgust that holds me captive in this existence. Is there any other? I surely hope so, but, no. I do not know. Let me out! OK, Where do I start? Where can I start? This story is about Time Travel. It is composed of Day-After-Day ; on and on. Ad infinitum. Forever, as time warps and flows in both directions. Inconsistencies and abnormalities. And, of course, personal, self-loathing, Even self-hatred from

UBUNTU 18.04

I think I will install Ubuntu 18.04 on this computer as an Operating System tomorrow, if I can Microsoft Windows is too expensive for me. I’m broke. I’ll use this as a reminder. [Saturday, July 28, 2018](01:00) I hope I can remember to search out and find a way to install an Ubuntu OS tomorrow. Windows is just too expensive to keep dating and buying flowers for. I want a new software girlfriend. Maybe tomorrow.


(14:45) Many things happening all over our globe. I listen to news from both the Internet and from television sources. To try to paint a broader and more colorful picture of all the shit. Sometimes, the Main Stream News services do follow what is happening from Internet reporters. Not always nor exact. But, seemingly very similar. I have a few select news report sources that I try to follow as my compass. Just a compass. This is crazy. Quite often, I become more crazy. There is so much happening around us all the time, so who do we believe? I


A short blog taken directly from my journal on Thursday, 26 July using a 24-hour time format (no am or pm): [Thursday, July 26, 2018](01:30) I can’t do it. Change my simple blog theme image on my Word Press blog site file. But, I cannot do it. I must really be stupid or ignorant. This all really sucks and I am going to bed now. Before, I had messed with trying to change my theme picture, I wanted to write for a bit yet tonight. Maybe add something to my blogs. Now, I feel bad that I can’t do anything.

Imagine – What if?

Based on a song by John Lennon Imagine. Such a great song written and performed by John Lennon, of Beatles fame and lore. Produced with Yoko Ono and Phil Specter. Released in 1971. It is a really nice song, and very astute. The late John Lennon essentially asks some very observational questions about many philosophical aspects of all human life. About what is imagined. What is hoped for. What is real. What we think about. What may be. We can quite simply replace those Imagine phrases with the question, What If. What if there is no heaven above us? What


In today’s society, we humans scrimp and we save as much as we can. For what? A few pennies here or a few pennies there. Really, our savings is not that much. But it surely makes us feel better – when we need to save some cash. That is America and capitalism. Bigger industry does that, too. In the ways and methods that they know they can. Reducing packaging volume is one of those methods. Have you ever noticed how flimsy the packaging is on may products bought from the market? Wow! It really amazes me. Just now, moments ago,